Culinary theme days

Make your taste buds travel

More than forty local or international culinary theme days are coordinated annually at your restaurant area, keeping your meals diverse and interesting.

Nutritional balance is always in the spotlight : our dietician makes periodical visits to answer any questions you might have on the subject.
In a word, culinary theme days bring a special touch to each week at your restaurant area.

Restoration concepts

Chaque jour une découverte

Sepciality island

Delightful cookery, full of colours and discoveries throughout the week.
Two meals that alternate each week and a “best-seller” on Friday.

This menu takes inspiration from the most appealing international traditions. The chef prepares the dish in front of the guests using various cooking modes.

Three times per week, you’ll also enjoy a different type of fresh, dry, stuffed or wholewheat pasta at this island bedecked in international colours.
It is considered a basic, essential part of our diet. Our pasta dishes alternately include delicious Asian noodles freshly prepared in a wok.

On Fridays, a festive spirit heralds the arrival of th weekend.
With our « Best-selling », dishes, such as the « Café de Paris », rib steak, sea bass fillet, various tartares, fondue or carpaccio, you may enjoy a gourmet meal with your, colleagues before wishing them a great weekend !

Balance menu

The « Balance » menu offers a light, balanced meal for anyone paying attention to their diet.
It is the « health and fitness » alternative to the other menus.

Vegetarian menu

Special attention is brought to the selection of alternative proteins in composing each vegetarian menu.
This dish is served in an individual baking dish, to not only offer an original recipe but also guarantee the quick service that is necessary to keep the restaurant traffic flowing smoothly.

Available in self-service according to your whims

Salad and hors-d'oeuvre buffet
The salad and hors-d’oeuvres buffet offers a pleasant, varied choice of salads, raw vegetables and hors-d’oeuvres to complete the restaurant’s main dishes. 
Local seasonal products are brought into the spotlight for their variety, freshness, colour and decorative appeal. Through a partnership with premium suppliers all over the Lake Geneva area, the chef provides a wide array of domestic products with local quality, organic or fair trade labels.

Dessert bar
Each day we offer a wide selection of desserts and treats. 
Naturally, seasonal fruits are featured in the greatest diversity of forms imaginable, such as subtly stewed or delicately poached and served in a delicious juice. 
Variety and colours abound in this indulgent gourmet selection. The talent and creativity of your chef and pastry chef provide a considerable array of desserts offering a great variety of shapes, colours, flavours and ways to be enjoyed.